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Vibes and Stuff

Vibes and stuff

Vibes and stuff podcast - homemade music for music lover worldwide

Vibes and stuff is a podcast conceived in April 2007 by me, Andrew Castillo, music enthusiast & (amateur) audio engineer. I began making these little selections to pass around amongst my friends, but one day I decided to throw them up here and see if anyone else was interested. I've since amassed more than 30,000 listeners in all seven continents :) My mixes are one hundred percent free, and I'll keep upping new ones as long as you all keep listening. so, please enjoy some musical selections from myself and some of my friends, and if you could, tell some of your friends too. Thanks for checking us out. :)

feature mix - Bastien Keb

Picture of Bastien Keb Episode 80 - May 12 2012

Heres a new one from an old mate, one man band Bastien Keb. Some of you I am sure can remember when Keb dropped off Vibes 58 some two and a half years ago, and as lovely as that was, this one is even better. On this winding selection everything from spiritual jazz & samba to Velvet Underground is touched on, with Fela, Broadcast, Bastien Keb originals and vocal samples thrown in to create an incredibly laid back experience. Keb, along with my last few contributors seem to know exactly what I like. Enjoy the mix, check the mans music, and see you back here soon.



The Four Tops - Baby I Need Your Loving
Broadcast - Ritual
Bastien Keb - Angry Mariachi
The Clangers
Mario Castro Neves & Samba SA - Candomble
Colleen/David Lynch - The Heart Harmonicon
Suite For Ma Dukes - Gobstopper
Fela Kuti - Water No Get Enemy
The Clangers/William S Burroughs
Bastien Keb - Doodlebag
Alice Coltrane - Journey In Satchidananda
The Clangers
Bastien Keb - Peardrops
Nico - Femme Fatale
Sun Ra
Browzini A Rapsinger - Low Status
Sun Ra - Angels And Demons At Play
Jeff Alexander - Come Wander With Me

Episode 80
Bastien Keb

Episode 79
Dorovio Bold

Episode 78
Polish Jazz
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Record of the Week
Syd Arthur
On An On

Feature Download
Radiant Dragon

Feature Download
Micachu & The Shapes

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record of the week - Syd Arthur

Release date - July 3 2012

Syd Arthur, purveyors of sunny, prog-tinged pop have released a lovely album on the hotly tipped Dawn Chorus label. EPs and singles aside, these boys have perfected their sound and put together an essential summer record. Watch a tasteful video for Edge Of The Earth here, and buy the album here.